L'évolution de la sécheresse ces 10 dernières années...

Actuellement 85% du territoire à minima en alerte (25,3% en crise, 33% en alerte renforcée, 26,9% en alerte).

Précedent record en 2019 avec 72,6%.

On voit la progression des pics !

(données propluvia)

But all went down hill from there, in a good way though.

We arrived triumphant (sort of 🤡) back to Brighton. We went through the town a bit, very nice atmosphere there... We didn't stay too long though as with our bikes it wasn't very practical. We had a nice late lunch on by sea side. We cycled gently along the coast, had a deserved ice cream. Back to the railway station.

Now on the train back home.
That was about 160km / 100 miles, and 1700m of climb!

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This morning, we went back to Brighton more directly, via Burgess Hill. The route was a bit less scenic as yesterday. And yesterday's efforts took a toll on my partner. Every climb was getting harder, so sadly I don't thing she enjoyed much of this morning's ride 😕.

The last one, going up to Ditchling Beacon was the last straw for her. Not very long but had sections of 10-12% which is hard when you're not on a good day.

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Then we reached a section with lots of small roads, very twisty and lots of small but steep climbs. On top of that we had a couple of sections that were really for mountain bikes. My partner was understandably uncomfortable with it, so we had to walk a lot.

That slowed down considerably our progress and arrived quite late to our destination. Hence no pictures...

The final few miles to Forest Row where nice though.

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After a nice lunch on Eastbourne's beach with a colleague of mine, we left the coast to go north to Forest Row. We followed the cycle road Avenue Verte most of the way. The first leg was great. Lots of shade as it was mostly through forests.

However it wasn't paved all the way, and was problematic in some places for my partner who is riding a road bike.

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We soon set off to Eastbourne, following the coast.

Very scenic views most of the way, we had our first serious climbs of the day.

The low point was Newhaven, a real hell for cyclists there. Roads where really not suitable for anything but motorised vehicles.

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What we didn't know is that it was the pride weekend there! We were joined by by a colourful crowd as we got closer, sorry no pic.

Hence the tag

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I didn't have much time to post in real time, but it started pretty early yesterday when we caught a train at 6am to... Brighton!

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It was nice, and dry, enough this weekend just gone that I ventured for a solo hike up a local fell: Cunswick Scar.

Proper lovely summer’s day. ☀️

Lots more photos from this day, if you’re bored and got nowt to do -> iancylkowski.com/blog/2022/8/2 👍

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This is the end. That's it (nor)folks!

That had been a fun ride.

I shall sleep well tonight, I start to feel the strain of these 240k on my legs. Especially ending with about 60k of constant headwinds 🥵🥵

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I reached the easternmost point of England, just in time having lunch with my sweet little 2yo niece. After that little escapade in Suffolk, I had to set sails north-west toward Norwich, head wind most of the way. So a break in a nice beer garden half way through is quite welcome. 30k to go!

A bit of rain during the night but it eased of when I departed. Good bye fun little shelter. Off we go. And after a few miles, I found this nice café for my breakfast.

After a nice little walk on the beach, enjoying the sunset, time to lay down. I'll stay in that little quirky caravan tonight.

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