Today's weather brought to you by that guy leaving his job at the Forth Bridge.


y'a 10 ans la police de montreal demandait le parcours d'une manif étudiante, ils avaient filé ça et je ricane encore 10 ans après


J’avais envie de partager une photo des Côtes d’Armor, juste parce que je peux ! (Ici le chemin entre cap Fréhel et fort La Latte)

Dear open source users,

If the author of your favorite open source app has announced they stopped developing and supporting the app (because they're frustrated and possibly burned out), please don't suggest they do more free work so that you can continue using the app.
Instead, consider thanking them for their past work and let them know that you enjoyed their app.

another open source developer

Did you know that the green lawn that is so common today was originally a way for the landed gentry to show off their wealth? It was meant to imply the owner could afford to have all this land being non productive, setting them apart from those whose livelihood depended on what they could cultivate.
From the beginning, it was an ostentatious display of obscene wealth.

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Don’t make the same mistakes over again. Make new, exciting mistakes. Fuck things up in ways no one even thought possible

Been using since even before it was named like that. And I am discovering **today** that a middle click on the reload icon duplicates the current tab. Why the F didn't I knew that before!

spoiler, ozark 

The damned Langmore
They ain't no more

RT @anecdotesdefou
Il y a un endroit au Japon où la neige, la plage et la mer se rencontrent. Ça m'apaise

Alors c’est par où ?

Le numéro 1 vient de paraître ici :

Pour s’abonner c’est là :

Et pour soutenir basta par ici : (campagne en cours, donnez les sous !)

(Prochaine étape : on refond le Portail !)

It's #ThreadThursdays! Do you know what an X-ray binary is?

An X-ray binary is one of the most common ways we see black holes and neutron stars, which are dead stars with extreme physics.

[Side note: Black holes and neutron stars together are called "compact objects" because at a macroscopic distance, they're more alike than different!]

WATCH! A demo video about how kidnappings could happen and how you could prevent them!

This video is staged for educational purposes!

While we are living through a #ClimateEmergency, we should do everything to restore life, nature and balance to our ecosystems.
Lawns are definitely not helping us.


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