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Today marks the half-way through the year. After having had a few musculoskeletal injuries on the past years, I decided to take my heath back in hands in January. In fact, I even started last July, but this is really in January that I decided to really take the time to exercise and go out more.

Here are a few metrics:

- Close to 1.1 millions steps, or 960 km
- Of which, 330km of running activities
- 1,900 km cycling, including both commute and "proper" road cycling.



self-centred post 

In the process, I've seen my heart rate at rest to go down from ~55 bpm to ~47bpm which means I am probably fitter than I was 6 monts ago.

I've also lost a few kilos in the process. I think I have lost about 4 kg, but my BMI was already OK, so that wasn't a main objective for me.

But the most important, is that it really helped with my mental health. After a three rough years, I start to feel better. My sleep also improved.

self-centred post 

The conclusion I draw from that:

- Always keep a bit of time for oneself, despite all the pressures around
- Be active is important. It could be just a walk, but going out regularly helps dealing with things.
- It might be not universal but it's worth a tr. At the very least you would probably had done something useful for your physical health, which is already something.

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