I'm going to ride the Norfolk coast this weekend.

Step 0: get everything packed and ready. That wasn't a really good start Arrived at the railway station, I realised I left my water bottles in the fridge. Had to go back and missed my train, I'll take the next one then... Haven't started, already 1h late! 😅

Step 1: train to Kings Lynn. I am lucky, they these trains are not impacted by the strike.


At least I sea you.

60k since this morning. All good but the rain decided to accompany me the whole way so far. A drizzle at first and then more continuous. With the draught, I won't complain but I wish it'll be a bit drier this afternoon.

Impromptu stop at Sheringham to buy... a nail clipper.

Always have your toe nails groomed before a long ride.

At least I had another chance to take some pics. (Not of my toes 😁)

Arrived at destination for today. 120k, I call it a day. Here is the view from my place.

Time to refill my personal battery!

After a nice little walk on the beach, enjoying the sunset, time to lay down. I'll stay in that little quirky caravan tonight.

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