I'm going to ride the Norfolk coast this weekend.

Step 0: get everything packed and ready. That wasn't a really good start Arrived at the railway station, I realised I left my water bottles in the fridge. Had to go back and missed my train, I'll take the next one then... Haven't started, already 1h late! 😅

Step 1: train to Kings Lynn. I am lucky, they these trains are not impacted by the strike.

@alfajet One or two #trains a day here in either direction. Missing a train would be a show-stopper.

@lopta @alfajet

at least in that area you get trains about every 1-2 hour even at weekend - before cars became widespread it was traditional to take a holiday by the seaside and travel by train. There's also an interesting heritage railway in the same area (which you can also take your bike on, although its £2.50 extra)



2.50 is the extra for the bike, not the full ticket.


I saw it today. Maybe we'll do it as a family another time. 😊

@alfajet @vfrmedia It's about £16.50 extra to take a #bicycle on the #Amtrak. Might be able to count a folder in place of a carry-on.

@lopta @vfrmedia
Yep that sucks. You've been trapped between the cars and the planes over there.

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