When thugs looked smart!

According to the caption: "Ronnie and Reggie Kray after spending 36 hours being questioned by the police"

Not sure you would look like that after questioning by the French police πŸ˜…


Surprising results when looking for "bird food" on a supermarket website. πŸ˜…

VallΓ©e de haute tarrentaise. Assemblages de plusieurs cliches en HDR, pris en soirΓ©e, avec vue imprenable sur le toit de l'Europe occidental et les Grandes Jorasses

Pro-tip du jour. Toujours bien nommer ses timers.
Avec un dedans c'est encore mieux.
Pasta la vista

I am ubercool, I drive a Tesla, and I park my car on the pathway like the super a**hole that I am.

Sometimes I think that the tesla drivers are the new bmwers.

Shame that Nicholas Tesla's name is so tainted by these fat polluting devices.

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