Rammstein at Coventry Arena. Stadium is filling pretty fast... The show starts in one and half hour.

Rammstein fans sind wirklich pünktlich!

- What's your excuse for turning up late today?
- Traffic jam.
- Aren't you a cyclist?
- Yes...
- I swear, cycling road 51 was jam packed with cows this morning.

I don't know if 42 is the answer but my heart rate went down to an all time low last night!

Back! I don't with what they spiced their coffee but I was a lot faster on the way back!

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Morning cycle ride to St Ives.
There was a coffee truck conveniently located near the river. I had to stop! ☕ 🥐

Time to go back home.


When thugs looked smart!

According to the caption: "Ronnie and Reggie Kray after spending 36 hours being questioned by the police"

Not sure you would look like that after questioning by the French police 😅


Surprising results when looking for "bird food" on a supermarket website. 😅

Vallée de haute tarrentaise. Assemblages de plusieurs cliches en HDR, pris en soirée, avec vue imprenable sur le toit de l'Europe occidental et les Grandes Jorasses

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