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You can't visit Ely without taking a few pics of its cathedral.

Impossible de ne pas prendre quelques clichΓ©s de la cathΓ©drale d'Ely

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Some pics taken in Ely yesterday with the mobile. The light was interesting, shame I didn't brought my proper camera!

Quelques photos d'une balade à Ely hier. La lumière rendait bien. Dommage que je n'avais pas mon vrai appareil photo avec moi. Ces clichés ont été pris avec le portable.


humour-noir australie 

Faire des concerts en Australie, Γ§a devient compliquΓ©.

Vu dans un pub de , deux peintures Γ  l'effigie des amiraux Sir Simon Pegg et Sir Nicolas Cage.

Desolé pour la mauvaise qualité, les conditions de lumière étaient difficiles.

Selfie de mes miches 

Quand on oublie de prendre un sac pour aller chercher le pain πŸ˜…

Interesting to see the difference of the results between the geographical map and the "cartogram" supplied by the bbc.

As the tories are generally stronger in rural constituencies, their win looks even more impressive (or scary I should say) when just looking at a map without considering variations in population density.

Data presentation is everything....


When you're "happy" to be elected but know that you'll have to seat in a tory lead parliament for the next 5 years... πŸ˜–

Had to go down town, not a great day for that with black Friday and all this shit.

But I laughed when I saw extinction rebellion protesters blocking the largest car park near a shopping center -- grand arcade if you know Cambridge -- with a boat! πŸ˜‚

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