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One of the things I loved about this area was the profusion of trees.

In particular, I found the shapes of the Scots Pines (giuthas-Albannach - pinus sylvestris) were endlessly fascinating. Every tree had a unique shape. Some were tall and narrow, others were umbrella shaped, and in-between there was every shape imaginable.

Sad as it was to see dead trees, they still added to the landscape. They remained upright, losing their bark and turning silvery.

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After finishing our circuit of the loch we made our way to An Lochan Uaine (the little green lake). You'll just have to believe me that the lochan is vividly green when viewed from the eastern side, as I didn't take a photo from this angle.

From there we continued up Rathad nam Mèirleach (The Thieves' road) to the bothy at Ruighe a’ Bhothain (Ryvoan). We were surprised to find 6 people inside the bothy when we looked inside.

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At the point where we completed our circuit of the loch there was a lovely sandy beach. Judging from the number of footprints in the sand it was a popular place for people to visit.

Tucked into one corner of the beach was a wooden building, which during the tourist season is a centre for wind-surfer and dinghy hire.

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At the western end of the loch there is an outflow (river) called Luineag. It really caught the low-level sunshine in the morning. Around the edges the water was frozen, but the fast flowing parts were ice free.

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Yesterday, I was in the central Highlands, to go walking with a friend. Specifically we were in the area around An Aghaidh Mhòr (Aviemore). We had a great time, the scenery was fantastic, and the weather was almost unbelievable for February.

I'll be posting quite a few photos from the day's adventures.

This first photo is of Loch Mhùrlaig (Loch Morlich), and was taken about 2 minutes after we parked the car. Bright blue skies, no wind, and -2°C temp.

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Round 2, Match 6 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

Round 2, Match 5 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

Je pensais pas prendre ma première astrophoto au smartphone, mais bon, faut bien commencer quelque part en attendant d'avoir le matos adéquat pour le faire au Reflex 🌙

Scusez les aberrations chromatiques.

OnePlus 6T A6010 (ouverture f/1,7, distance focale de l'objectif 4,2 mm, ISO 160), télescope de Newton 150/750 mm, oculaire 25 mm.

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Bonjour Masto

Encore une preuve que tes allégations sont des FAKE NEWS ! 😜🤡

Traduction simple : T'aime pas les camions ? Arrête d'acheter de la merde. Problème résolu !

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-OUI mes slips sont secs.
-NON on ne les balance pas par la chatière !! 😩

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