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Blague pourrie du jour : comment s'appelle la cousine de Marie Kondo ? 

Anna Konda

When thugs looked smart!

According to the caption: "Ronnie and Reggie Kray after spending 36 hours being questioned by the police"

Not sure you would look like that after questioning by the French police 😅

54 Clever Illustrations of Words That Sound The Same But Have Different Meanings. – The Language Nerds

Feck, I didn't know about #51. Always thought they were spelt the same!

One of the other reasons I was excited to get the Amiga bundle was that I now finally have a monitor that works perfectly with the #Commodore128 in 80 column mode, making it a practical terminal amongst other things.


Ce que Framasoft va faire en 2020, post confinement

#PeerTube, #Mobilizon, projet Framacloud, fermeture des services... nous faisons le point sur nos actions en 2020 alors que « le monde à changé© » (et nous aussi 😉 )

Proud of the fact that my website looks the same in Firefox as it does in Lynx.

Pour celleux qui ont vu la conférence et qui voudraient les slides, les voilà en attendant que je les publie sur mon site : 🤗

Moved back from to . Both projects are great really, but I have to say that fedilab was getting more and more unstable over time, at least for me.

When I made the move the other way, these apps were quite different and it took me some time to get used to, but now they really look the same, I'm very surprised.

My current process in a nutshell: I find photos with great perspective, make a super rough sketch and use this sketch as reference for my painting. #mastoArt #creativeToot #traditionalArt #artprocess #howipaint

Étui A5 Rouge
Une demande faite pour un étui de carnet au format A5 rouge avec fermeture par bouton pression

De face fermé

De dos


darktable 3.02 Noir et blanc et masques

Luc Viatour a organisé hier après-midi un Live vidéo pour expliquer les différentes possibilités de darktable pour faire du N/B. Il aborde les différents masques et la possiblité d'utiliser les instances multiples. Bonne visualisation.

#darktable #darktablefr #photographie

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