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On peut modéliser le monde en 3D grâce aux données libres d'OpenStreetMap, et je trouve ça fascinant.

Ce projet est largement aussi important que Wikipedia, il faut absolument le faire connaitre au plus grand monde.

Do you understand what a #deathcult is? You have likely been drinking it for the last 20 years #XR

It's a hell of a mess here, but my #Commodore128 is now actually working as a terminal for my main PC so I've effectively got three monitors now. I'm so cool. #retrocomputing

I'm slowly exploring abstraction in portraiture. It's of course easier with a high-contrast reference like I used here, but ultimately I want to go beyond that. Thoughts and opinions welcome.
#mastoArt #traditionalArt #creativeToot #portrait

What do Spotify, Venmo, Tinder, TikTok & DoorDash have in common?

Their apps all crashed last week because they send data to Facebook, and Facebook had a bug!

Since tracking code is in so many apps, we strongly recommend deleting apps you rarely use.

My fridge right now, it's like a lzma archive. It holds lots of good stuff, but man it takes some man power to extract something out of it.

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