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I've been pairing with a junior colleague on one of our dev servers using . It's been a fun experience. I've showed him how we could even chat by typing commented out commands.

Our other colleagues might be surprised if/when they poke about in the history. :D

covid rant 

We still have a plague. You can catch it more than once, and each time is worse than the last. Each time, you have a chance of horrid symptoms lasting months, years, or the rest of your lives.

Why are people I care about going to conferences, gatherings, indoor concerts, and so on? Planes??? Are you fucking kidding me?

Sigh. :flan_piteous:

ukpol, Imperial measurements consultation 

In an attempt to bolster support from the Mail & Express crowd, the UK government's launched a consultation with the intent of permitting Imperial measurements as the primary or sole units for goods for sale.

If you'd like to weigh in, the consultation document and form are here:

The form is an ODT (like docx, but from LibreOffice et al), and you need to either email it back to them, or post it.

It closes on Aug 26, so, no hurry. It'll be worth considering good answers, particularly as the questions are heavily weighted toward the goal of Imperial measurement, but answers are completely free-form, so you have full latitude to express your sentiments.

Nouvelles #photos splendides de @IanCykowski qui
indifférent au jubilé de la reine, a exploré à nouveau les parties montagneuses du Lake District

encourager son travail

Mont de Grange – 2432m
1132D+ / 13km / un sommet magique pour découvrir le Chablais et tous ses secrets !

I see people are doing #Introductions.

I teach university mathematics (modelling, combinatorics, game theory, history, programming) in the UK. I also research university-level educational practice. Recent papers including teaching programming, automated assessment & play and problem-solving:

I'm one of the editors at @aperiodical.

I'm a Vice President of

I co-host a podcast Mathematical Objects with @stecks

Out of spa—

Holocaust Memorial Day 

Something I wrote last year but is eternally relevant.


Today is the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day, and I would like to talk about the Nazi book burning.

The first and largest book burning, the one pictured right here, is quite well known, but what's less well known is that 20000 out of the 25000 books burned that night came from Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute of Sex Research library.

Magnus Hirschfeld was a key promoter of LGBTQ rights.

Today's weather brought to you by that guy leaving his job at the Forth Bridge.


y'a 10 ans la police de montreal demandait le parcours d'une manif étudiante, ils avaient filé ça et je ricane encore 10 ans après


J’avais envie de partager une photo des Côtes d’Armor, juste parce que je peux ! (Ici le chemin entre cap Fréhel et fort La Latte)

Dear open source users,

If the author of your favorite open source app has announced they stopped developing and supporting the app (because they're frustrated and possibly burned out), please don't suggest they do more free work so that you can continue using the app.
Instead, consider thanking them for their past work and let them know that you enjoyed their app.

another open source developer

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