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- What's your excuse for turning up late today?
- Traffic jam.
- Aren't you a cyclist?
- Yes...
- I swear, cycling road 51 was jam packed with cows this morning.

The said programs is scheduled with cron when deployed but as I needed to run it occasionally on my machine, using at was more convenient than setting up a cron job.

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I recently discovered a nice little command: at

Apparently quite well known, except for me. Its purpose is to schedule a job at a specific time, hence its name. Pretty simple to use:

$ echo "some-command" | at 3 pm

and it'll run the said command at 3pm. More examples here:

I came to know it as I had to run for troubleshooting on my dev machine a job that needs to operate at a specific time window.

I don't know if 42 is the answer but my heart rate went down to an all time low last night!

Tiens, un différend frontalier entre le Canada est le Danemark serait sur le point d'être réglé (sous réserve de ratification)

Vous avez sûrement entendu parler de cette "guerre du whiskey", que je trouve très drôle:

Fun fact 1: Le Canada et le Danemark n'ont chacun qu'une seule frontière terrestre, et doubleront donc leur nombre de pays limitrophes

Fun fact 2: Ce sera une des plus courtes frontières du monde

Back! I don't with what they spiced their coffee but I was a lot faster on the way back!

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Morning cycle ride to St Ives.
There was a coffee truck conveniently located near the river. I had to stop! ☕ 🥐

Time to go back home.

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